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Lauren Hannah
Phone: 704-897-8781

Who Are We?

We are Briarcliffe Estates, operating as a nonprofit organization known as Briarcliffe Homeowners Association, located in Pontiac SC, Richland County School District 2, having an Elgin address.

Briarcliffe Estates development began in 1974.  Originally developed by Russell & Jeffcoat, it is home to 762 houses, none of which are the same!  It is one of the largest and unique developments in NE Richland County.  There's always homes for sale and we welcome new neighbors!   Come by and see us!  You can read more about us by selecting the tabs on the top.

General Information

  • 2017 HOA membership dues: $40 annually
  • 2017 LOA membership dues: $160 annually (lake-owners only)
  • Pool Dates: Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend (closed 2017 for restoration) 
  • Contact information:  

      You can find a lot of helpful links on our website at These are the key contacts for homeowners:


      Manager: Lauren Hannah

      • Direct: 704-897-8781
      • Fax: 704-889-9500
      • Main Office: 704-889-7500 ext. 2100
      • Email:
      • PO Box 472029, Charlotte, NC  28247
      • Physical Address: 211 Main Street, Pineville, NC  28134


      Collections & Account Information: Jennifer Royalty

      • Direct: 336-553-9189
      • Fax: 336-273-8700
      • Main Office: 336-273-8600 ext. 1105
      • Email:
      • PO Box 10265, Greensboro, NC 27404
      • Physical Address: 614 W. Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC 27401


      Resale & Lenders: Lara Hodge

      • Direct: 336-553-9185
      • Fax:  336-273-8700
      • Main Office: 336-273-8600 ext. 1122
      • Email:
      • PO Box 10265, Greensboro, NC 27404
      • Physical Address: 614 W. Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC 27401


      AMG office number: 1-888-908-4AMG (264)

  • Briarcliffe Estates does have a Homeowner’s Association!  Numerous new and potential Homeowners are being told that Briarcliffe Estates has no Homeowner’s Association or mandatory dues.  In the beginning, original By-Laws was written and the Association was incorporated as Briarcliffe Estates Civic Association, Inc.  In 1982, the Board renamed the Association more appropriately, Briarcliffe Homeowners Association, Inc.  In 2012, to keep pace with newer developments and to fiscally support and maintain our common properties, a special called meeting of homeowners was conducted.  Active association members voted unanimously to revise By-Laws language to “specify” mandated dues in lieu of implied dues.   So, Briarcliffe Homeowners Association By-Laws was developed and recorded at Richland County Deeds Office on April 11, 2014, making dues mandatory.  This action was necessary to pay rising utility costs for neighborhood-owned common facilities, perform overdue maintenance projects, pay taxes and homeowner liability insurance for common properties and appurtenances (e.g. pool, clubhouse, pavilion, tennis courts, children’s playground equipment, entrance signage/plants & utility right-of-ways within the neighborhood).
  • Realtor and Attorney Offices requiring information for the sale/purchase of a home must call the AMG contact number(s) regarding dues, delinquencies, etc.  or visit the website at . Specifically to Realtors, please direct your attention to the recently revised “State of South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statements.” (direct them wherever you have placed the regulation)

Your Board

This is your current board of directors:

BHA Board Members:
Secretary: Tammy Livingston                   
Bookkeeper: AMG                                             
Board Member: Dave Mottershead                  
Board Member: Rick Watkins                              
Board Member: Clay Watts
Board Member:
Kirk Baldwin                               
Board Member: Carolee Ward   

LOA Board Members:
Dave Mottershead                                              
Secretary: Clay Watts                 
Bookkeeper: AMG                                             
Board Member: Walter McLean              
Board Member: Curt Pratt                                
Board Member: Carl Swartzmiller    
Board Member: Rick Watkins  

You can message the board at the Briarcliffe Facebook page. Please follow the link to: 

The Board of Directors is currently accepting application for additional positions. We have the following positions available:

  • Web Content Creator
  • Pavilion Monitor
  • Contest Organizer
  • Lake Owner's Association Liaison
  • BHA President                   
  • BHA Vice President
  • Pool Committee Chairman

With 762 houses in the development, there's a fair amount of work to be done, but when everyone participates, the effort is small! Please consider volunteering. It's a great resume-builder and it will get you more involved in our community!

Lake Briarcliffe
Lake Briarcliffe
Lake Briarcliffe