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This is a list of resources. Some are exclusively for residents of Briarcliffe, others are just general information.

Road Closures


Richland County residents are allowed to use Loveless and Loveless Landfill at 1703 Screaming Eagle Rd. Lugoff, SC 29078, free of charge. This landfill is about a half mile past the big Waste Management Landfill on the left, across the road from the Ft. Jackson boundary. This is a privately owned landfill that charges dumping fees. Richland County has a contract with this landfill and if you are a Richland Country resident, the county will pay the dumping fees for up to 3 loads a month. You will not find this written down anywhere within the Richland County Disposal guidelines.

To use Loveless and Loveless Landfill on Richland County's tab, the resident must obtain a green Richland County Dumping/Landfill Permit (this is free of charge). This permit can be picked up at the Richland County Solid Waste and Recycling Office at 1070 Caughman Road North Columbia, SC 29203 (I-20 West to Monticello Rd, then go North about 6 miles). The office phone number is (803) 576-2390. Dumping can be done free of charge at this facility also, but it is a lot further from our neighborhood. You will need to show vehicle registration and drivers license to obtain the permit, but once you have it, you are done.

Richland County Ombudsman


The Richland County Ombudsman handles things for which Richland county has ordinances or for which the county is responsible. This can include things on an individuals property such as excessive trash, overgrown vegetation, potholes or other road issues, or unregistered vehicles. It would not include unregistered vehicles parked on the road. That's a job for the police.

Of course, you can always talk to your neighbor. Sometimes a polite nudge helps!

Richland County Police Department

Emergency:  9-1-1, Non-emergency:  803-252-2911; General Info - 803-576-3000, Neighborhood Deputy Sheriff (Travis Roberts) -803-513-3440 -

The police department handles defacement of public property, trespassing in the Pavilion, soliciting, theft, gang activity, etc.

Palmetto Utilities 


Sewer Problems, Odors