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The Pavilion

The pavilion is one of the amenities of the Briarcliffe Homeowner's Association.

Pavilion Committee

  1. The Pavilion Committee is appointed by the President and two (2) Board Members of the BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION - one for a two (2) year term, the other for a one (1) year term. Board members on the Committee will be appointed by the President of the BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION and approved by a majority vote of the Board Members.

  2. Will review each request by members of the BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION for use of the Pavilion. Requests shall be made in writing on the BRIARCLIFFE PAVILION REQUEST FORM or by calling Chris (get her number at the Pavilion Posting). Requests can also be placed in the mailing box adjacent to the pool at 199 Briarcliffe East at least TWO weeks in advance of the request, or via email. The request will need to be accompanied by a $40.00 refundable deposit.

  3. Any denial of request to use the Pavilion may be appealed to the full board by letter in writing to the President of the BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION.

Use of Pavilion

  1. The use is limited to social events approved by the PAVILION COMMITTEE as further regulated by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION. No open parties.

  2. No commercial or political events are allowed.

  3. Use is for BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION members and their invited guests only.


The following rules are guidelines that may be amended by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION:

  1. No alcoholic beverages shall be used by persons under the age of twenty-one (21).

  2. Member requesting use of the facility must be present at all times.

  3. Member who wishes to rent the facility must sign indemnity agreement with BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION.

  4. Member renting facility is responsible for clean up and disposal of trash after event (No trash pick up is available at Pavilion). After event rental, the floor is to be broom swept. If there is any damage to facility the member shall be liable. If not cleaned up, then member will pay whatever the cost to pay someone to clean facility shall be borne by member renting facility.

  5. No loud noise. Music shall be turned off by 10:00 P.M.

  6. Member responsible for behavior of guests.

  7. If any member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of BRIARCLIFFE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION or the PAVILION COMMITTEE observe a violation of rules or inappropriate conduct, then they have the authority to end party at that time.

  8. No fires are allowed. This does not apply to grills being used to cook food.

  9. No drugs or weapons of any type shall be brought on premises.

  10. Use of facility is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  11. Use of facility does not include the use of the pool. Contact the Pool Committee for further information regarding pool use.

Please note that use of the pavilion does not inlcude use of the pool. Please see the pool page for more information.