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Briarcliffe Pool Committee

Pool Committee

  • Colleen Reed: Member
  • Michael Carrell: Member
  • Todd Blevins: Member/Technician 
  • TBD: Pool Licensed Operator of Record  

Pool Rules, Regulations and Application (click here)


Pool Rules


Members of the Board of Directors of the Briarcliffe Homeowner's Association, which includes members of the Pool Committee, may dismiss from the Pool area any person who breaks the rules, exhibits behavior dangerous to them or others, or exhibits extraordinarily anti-social behavior that jeopardizes others' peaceful enjoyment of the pool. The Pool Committee may, by majority vote, suspend any pool member's privileges for a maximum of three (3) days per suspension. There is no limit to the number of suspensions, however, the Pool Committee, also by majority vote, may terminate a pool member's privileges for the season after two (2) suspensions. Termination by this method will not incur a refund to the pool member. Should any of the above apply to a pool member who is also a member of the Pool Committee, that pool member is not permitted a vote regarding their suspension and the vote is counted as if that person was not a member, and if suspended, they immediately forfeit their position on the Pool Committee.


Good morning everyone. 

We have two quotes for resurfacing our community pool and requesting one more quote.  Good news - the asbestos inspection came back clean so, no additional cost there.  We hope to resurface in late winter/early spring 2018.  As mentioned at the June board meeting, we must have funds in hand to pay for renovations BEFORE it can open.  We have time on our side but need to start immediately with membership drives, donation requests, advertising and recruiting.  We need a minimum of five Pool Committee Members but more the merrier and less taxing on everyone.  If you wish to serve, please contact us through our Facebook page: or put a note in the Clubhouse mailbox located at the pool (black lock box at the street).  Please understand, a "committed and hungry" committee is needed to do everything necessary to accomplish our mission.  When a full committee is formed, dues and other information will be disseminated.  Please help with your support and we'll see you at the pool when the temps and humidity are in the 100's. 

Have a good day.


The following are the South Carolina state regulations governing pool use. These state regulations are the law and must be followed by all patrons of all public, private and semi-private pools.

  1. There should be no solo swimming.
  2. There should be no running, boisterous or rough play.
  3. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool.
  4. There should be no spitting or blowing nose in the pool.
  5. Perons with diarrheal illness or nausea should not enter the pool.
  6. Persons with skin, eye, ear, or respiratory infections should not enter the pool.
  7. Perons with open lesions or wounds should not enter the pool.
  8. No animals or pets allowed in the pool enclosure.
  9. No glass in allowed in the pool enclosure.
  10. No children 13 and under should be in the pool without supervision of someone at least 16 years old.
  11. You should take a shower before entering the pool.
  12. The maximum number of swimmers allowed in Briarcliffe Pool is 140.
  13. The pool is open from 7:00 AM or sunrise to 8:00 PM or sunet, whichever comes earlier or later, respectively.
  14. A first aid kit is located in the office.
  15. An emergency phone is located at the check-in desk.
  16. Life saving equipment is located on the fence closest to and farthest from the street.


Please remember that the Board of Directors of the Briarcliffe Homeowner's Association, which includes the Pool Committe is an entirely volunteer-run organization. We donate our time and efforts for the benefit if the community and appreciate the cooperation of all the members. Please consider joining the board and/or one of the committees!

  1. Seasonal membership is $150 for Briarcliffe Estates residents. Non-residents may also join for $170. Membership includes access to the pool and the attached clubhouse only. Tennis courts, playground and pavilion are not included.
  2. Briarcliffe Estates residents must be in good standing with the Homeowner's Association to be members.
  3. Proper swimming attire is required for all swimming patrons.
  4. Membership preference is given to residents of Briarcliffe Estates, but anyone is welcome to join. Once membership is granted, it will not be revoked except for reasons stated in the first paragraph of these rules. Regardless of residency, total membership is limited to 140.
  5. Guests are both permitted and welcomed, especially during non-peak hours. Please exercise due consideration to existing members in deciding how many guests you bring. Members are responsible for informing their guests of all the Briarcliffe Pool rules and to monitor their compliance. Members and their guests may be dismissed for non-compliance.
  6. Food and drink are not permitted in the pool enclosure with the exception of water bottled in non-glass containers.
  7. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the pool enclosure in accordance with South Carolina laws regarding alcohol consumption in public.
  8. Smoking is prohibited within the pool enclosure and within 25 feet outside the fence.